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Standard photo prints

Even though the digital era has introduced its own adjustments and many photos remain on the computer or phone, however, printed photos are still the best way to keep the most beautiful moments of life in memory.

10 x 15 cm from 0.10 0.12 (-20%)

report For your attention! The customer is solely responsible for the result and quality of the photo prints if he chooses to order over-processed images, especially if the images are over-sharpened. Read our recommendations >
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Photo paper 210 gsm. Gloss or Matte finish.


  • Add borders
  • Change color scheme.
  • Use automatic image enhancing.
  • Automatic and manual cropping of photos.


  • The exact print sizes are shown in parentheses.
  • When ordering photo prints, note that the printer slightly enlarges the images during printing to obtain up to 2 mm overlap, which is necessary to avoid white edges after cutting.

Recommendations on photo prints quality

  • Over-processed and over-sharpened images

    If images are over-processed on a computer, smart device, or camera with various capabilities provided by today's image processing software technologies, such as photo filters, contrast manipulation, color saturation and tones, brightness and darkness levels, and especially image sharpening, experience has shown that printing machines are not always able to accurately and qualitatively depict in print the digital image they receive.

    This is most commonly the case with over-sharpened images, which look good on a computer, but the outlines of objects that are sharpened in prints become more prominent, creating ugly artifacts and permanently degrading image quality.

    To ensure high-quality prints, we do not recommend printing the images that are over-processed or over-sharpened. By placing an order with such photos, the customer assumes full responsibility for the result and quality of the prints.

    Our recommendation :

    1) If you are unsure about the intensity and quality of your image processing, we recommend that you take a small test order with a few pictures before ordering a larger volume.

    2) Most often we get processed images after photo shoots, weddings and other important life events captured by professional photographers. They know how to process images properly and how to achieve a stunning result, but sometimes you have to separate the finished result from photos that are suitable for viewing on the screen and that are suitable for printing. If you know you want to print your photos, we recommend that you let the photographer know so that he can adjust the image processing to the specifics of the print with less sharpening.

  • Optimal image resolution

    The optimal resolution for photo prints is between 200 and 300 dpi (dots per inch). Images with a lower resolution may appear grainy when printed - the lower the resolution, the more grainy. Large-format prints sometimes may have a lower resolution of 150 to 200 dpi if they are most likely to be viewed at a distance. We do not recommend printing images with a resolution below 150 dpi.

  • Automatic image enhancing option

    Computer uses algorithms to analyse each image for its contrast, brightness and saturation levels to apply right amount of enhancement if needed. In our editor, automatic image enhancement option is turned on by default when ordering photo prints.

    Our recommendation :

    1) before ordering, carefully evaluate the quality of the images, for their contrast, darkness, lightness, amount of post-processing;

    2) order a test print for some prints if you plan to order a larger amount of images to check if you would need the automatic image enhancement to be turned on or off;

    3) if you do not want the images to be corrected during the printing process, you can choose to turn off the option for automatic image enhancement.

  • Choosing matte photo paper

    Photos printed on matte paper have a higher contrast compared to glossy paper, making the images darker visually.

  • About the darkness and lightness of photos

    Before ordering photo prints, it is important to assess whether the exposure of the images you are about to order is sufficient on the screen of your device and you are satisfied with how light are they. To be reasonably certain that the brightness level shown on the screen will be similarly reflected in the physical printouts of your photos, you should pay attention to the following:

    1) make sure your device's screen brightness setting is not too close to the maximum or otherwise set too bright, as this will give you a wrong idea of the actual brightness of the images;

    2) it should be remembered that images on the phone or computer screen always look brighter than physical photo prints, because unlike device screens, prints are not backlit, so they will always be darker than the images on the screen.

  • For black and white photos

    If you plan to order black and white pictures, in editor we recommend that you select and place these pictures in a separate print box, and choose a "black and white" color setting. In this way images will be printed with a print setting special for black and white photos, ensuring high quality black and white print.
    Please be aware that due to the current printing technology, our black and white photo prints may show a slight cyan tint. Additionally, the perception of black and white tones can vary depending on the lighting conditions in which the prints are viewed.

Gift boxes for Photo prints

We also offer gift boxes for the storage of photo prints. Not only they look good in the shelf, but also ensure that the photographs are not lost or worn out. Photo prints wrapped in such box may become an unforgettable and stylish surprise for your celebration!

Shop beautiful gift boxes for photographs >

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Photo Printing - Photo production

Even though the digital era has introduced its own adjustments and many photos remain on the computer or phone, however, printed photos are still the best way to keep the most beautiful moments of life in memory.

High quality photo printing

We offer wide range of photo printing - we will print your pictures on the highest quality paper in the chosen sizes. Thanks to the possibilities of modern technology, we can print photos in different sizes, colors, with borders and auto image enhancing, helping to implement a wide range of customer expectations. For photo printing we operate a fleet of Fujifilm photo laboratories and its special archival high quality photo paper.

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