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Photo books

A photo book makes it easy to show your adventures, significant events and other happenings to loved ones and friends. It is always very exciting for the reader to view photos accompanied with bits of texts about the story.

From 14.93 19.90 (-25%) AURORA


Cover: 220 x 210 mm
Inside pages: 214 x 204 mm


Standard Gloss 150g, glossy silk paper with natural white tone. Arctic Semimatte 150g, semi matte paper with natural white tone. premium look and feel.


Minimum: 24 pages
Maximum: 160 pages


Professional hardcover binding. Pages are bound together using a special book binding adhesive, producing high-quality books with superior durability.


PHOTO Hetti - Photo Cover Hetti - Photo Cover Hetti - Photo Cover NATURE Sage White Cumin Charocal Seaweed Moss Midnight Marine

Photo book prices and options

Here are listed all the options with prices that are available for Hetti photo books. Photo book prices are shown here with active discounts already applied for informative purposes only.

photo nature
Base price
Covers, 24 pages, A print level, Standard Gloss.
From 18.68 24.90 (-25%) From 14.93 19.90 (-25%)
Papers Pay extra / per book Pay extra / per page Standard Gloss - From 0.29 0.39 (-25%) Arctic Semimatte From 1.24 1.65 (-25%) From 0.37 0.49 (-25%)
Print levels Pay extra / per book Pay extra / per page A print level - - A+ print level From 5.18 6.90 (-25%) From 0.26 0.35 (-25%)

Gift boxes for Photo Books

Gift boxes for photo books are an elegant accent that will be appreciated by any recipient of such gift. When ordering a photo book, select an appropriate gift box and you will no longer need to worry about gift wrapping - the photo book will be ready to be presented!

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