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Canvas with your photos and design

Order your custom canvas with your own photos on it. Use our Canvas Designer web app to make your own design in no time. Select the initial size for your canvas and start creating. You will be able to change the size, the format and the orientation in the app.

Izvēlaties kanvas izmēru:

Canvas fabric

All our canvas are made of quality 300 gsm thick polyester canvas fabric to ensure the durability and quality of printing. The surface of fabric is natural white yet it has a subtle semi-gloss coating that adds a hint of shine to it.


Solid pine wood stretcher bars. We use quality pine wood frames that are produced with highest precision in the manufacturing process ensuring they are straight and durable. All our canvas frames are 18 mm in depth. FSC certified timber sourcing.

Picture Happy Kanvas

Picture Happy Kanvas

Picture Happy Kanvas

Picture Happy Kanvas

A stylish accent in interior

Canvas as a stylish accent in interior.

Bringing canvas in to your room is a clever and very effective way to add accents to the room and bring memories in your everyday life.

Canvas beautifully brings memories in our everyday lives

Beautifully, because a photo printed on canvas fabric look so much like a painting. It is the texture of the fabric that creates this similar effect, all that is missing is a brush stroke and an oil-colored relief. Pictures immediately look different when they are printed on canvas - more beautiful. Even the photos that are imperfect in some way, look better on canvas fabric.

Furthermore, canvas as an element of the interior, allows us to bring our most important memories in our everyday lives. To have canvas on the wall all you need is at least one photo and 5 minutes to order it.

Canvas is a perfect gift

Photo canvas is a perfect gift

Canvas prints is beautiful, exciting and definitely quite original gift for friends and loved ones - dads, moms, siblings and grand parents. It is perfect also as a last minute gift - it's fast to order and the production time is short.

Different shapes and different sizes

Different shapes and different sizes

Canvas prints are available in different shapes and sizes. We offer vertical, horizontal, square and panorama format canvas that you can order in many different sizes. The right canvas size will depend on the space available in the room.

Photo walls with canvas

Photo walls with canvas

Photo canvas is a great alternative to display photos in interiors besides framed photos. Adding canvas into your photo wall will provide that extra feel of texture and dimension to the entire mood of the interior.

Ready for your canvas journey?

It takes almost no time to create and order canvas. At minimum you need just one image to get started. In case your are not sure about the photo for your canvas go and check out the collections of photos from services we recommend below.

A stylish accent in interior

Looking for beautiful photos?

Want to order canvas prints with some great scenery? We recommend these two services that have tons of beautiful and professionally shot photos available in many various themes and categories.



Beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project. Better than any royalty free or stock photos.



The best free stock photos, royalty free images & videos shared by creators.


Perfect tool to create your canvas design

The Canvas Designer is a powerful tool to make the ordering of canvas prints an easy, fast and creative process. The editor allows you to customize your canvas design in variety of ways - you can add multiple photos, resize, rotate and crop them, apply adjustments or ready-made filters for photos. Try it out!

Key features:

  • Attēlu kadrējums
  • Photo adjustments
  • Photo filters
  • Image resize
  • 3D canvas preview
  • Image transform
Canvas Designer

Canvas prices

Price given for 1 item.

Horizontal / Vertical
20 x 30 cm No 9.52 11.90 (-20%)
30 x 40 cm No 12.80 16.00 (-20%)
30 x 50 cm No 14.00 17.50 (-20%)
40 x 50 cm No 17.20 21.50 (-20%)
40 x 60 cm No 18.00 22.50 (-20%)
40 x 70 cm No 25.20 31.50 (-20%)
50 x 60 cm No 26.00 32.50 (-20%)
50 x 70 cm No 26.80 33.50 (-20%)
50 x 80 cm No 29.20 36.50 (-20%)
60 x 80 cm No 30.00 37.50 (-20%)
60 x 90 cm No 29.20 36.50 (-20%)
70 x 100 cm No 32.40 40.50 (-20%)
80 x 100 cm No 35.60 44.50 (-20%)
80 x 120 cm No 44.40 55.50 (-20%)
90 x 120 cm No 47.92 59.90 (-20%)
20 x 20 cm No 9.52 11.90 (-20%)
30 x 30 cm No 12.40 15.50 (-20%)
40 x 40 cm No 14.80 18.50 (-20%)
50 x 50 cm No 24.40 30.50 (-20%)
60 x 60 cm No 26.80 33.50 (-20%)
70 x 70 cm No 30.00 37.50 (-20%)
80 x 80 cm No 31.60 39.50 (-20%)
90 x 90 cm No 44.40 55.50 (-20%)
100 x 100 cm No 47.92 59.90 (-20%)
20 x 40 cm No 10.80 13.50 (-20%)
30 x 60 cm No 14.80 18.50 (-20%)
40 x 90 cm No 26.80 33.50 (-20%)
50 x 90 cm No 29.20 36.50 (-20%)
50 x 100 cm No 30.00 37.50 (-20%)
60 x 120 cm No 34.00 42.50 (-20%)